Ironstone Farm - Inspiration Plaza

Leave a Lasting Memory

Want to honor a loved one? Remember a hero? Support Ironstone Farm and further improve its life-changing, nonprofit work?

All it takes is a brick.

By buying a brick laser-engraved with your own message, you can aid Ironstone Farm in its multi-million-dollar campaign to do more.  The money will further improve and expand what Ironstone can do for children and adults with special needs, combat veterans, people diagnosed with cancer and others.  

The proposed area for the engraved bricks has been lovingly dubbed the “We Stand by You Inspiration Plaza.”

The area is meant to serve daily as a prominent and visible reminder to all who visit Ironstone Farm that thousands of people support its critical mission in an impressively tangible way. Beyond that, this plaza will serve as a place at Ironstone that riders can visit before and after their lessons. They will see, in a way not possible before, that even more caring people than they ever imagined truly do “Stand by You” at Ironstone Farm.

The plaza will have enough room for thousands of bricks. Together, engraved and permanently in place, they will be a physical presence at the farm and a mental image of what Ironstone stands for. From this focal point of inspiration, the riders, their families, friends and the community at large can carry with them the true Spirit of Ironstone wherever they go, whatever they do.