Ironstone Farm - Inspiration Plaza

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we selling name-engraved bricks?

Selling enough bricks, laser-engraved with the people's names, to fill a 2,500 sq. ft. area, will raise a substantial portion of the overall goal of Ironstone Farm's Capital Campaign. Further, it will create opportunities for many more people to make manageable donations to Ironstone ($125 donations for 4"x8" bricks, $250 donations for 8"x8" bricks).

Where will this plaza be installed?

Ironstone expects the plaza to be installed in a wooded area across from the large indoor riding arena. The proximity to the main parking lot will allow for easy access and visibility for all riders and their family members who drop them off for therapy and lessons.

What is the time frame of the Brick by Brick Campaign?

The campaign is expected to run for two years after the start date of February 14, 2015. Ironstone has already received a firm price commitment for the brick required, which includes a safe, secure, suitable storage area for the bricks in Wilmington until they are installed. The brick price and storage commitments (including delivery) extend through the full length of the brick campaign.

What do the bricks look like?

Samples of the bricks are available on the Ironstone Farm website at  or as shown below:

Can people order other size bricks or clip art that is not shown in the booklet?

Unfortunately, no. It will be impossible to manage variations from the norm in a campaign of this magnitude, over this length of time.

Right now, how do I place my order & pay for the brick(s) I want to order?

Please click the Order Bricks link above.

How do I order if I do not want to order online?

If you prefer to fill out paper order forms and pay by cash or check, you may download the forms from the Order by Mail link above and the follow these instructions.

  • Please fill out a separate order form for each brick ordered.
  • Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card.
  • When returning forms and payments, include a memo or put the materials in an envelope that says c/o Brick by Brick CampaignÔ® Or scan a completed form and email the pdf to with "brick order" in the subject line of the email.
  • Checks should be made payable to our nonprofit organization, Challenge Unlimited, Inc.
  • Cash can be accepted at our Welcome Center in Andover, next to the main parking lot.
  • Payments can be mailed to Ironstone Farm or delivered in person at our Welcome Center.
  • When mailing, address the envelope to: Ironstone Farm, Brick by Brick Campaign, 450 Lowell St., Andover MA 01810.